Hiva Oa

Belfast, County Down

Prior to the release of their EP mk2 (part 1), core members Stephen Houlihan and Christine Tubridy departed Edinburgh, returning to their native Ireland seeking renewed inspiration. On new EP mk 2 (part 2), released in April 2017, Hiva Oa retain the mystery and ambition of their former incarnations, but inject a heavy thrum to their intricate patchwork style, and turn their attentions to themes of fear, loneliness, abandonment and awakening.

On lead single 'A Great Height' the band continue their controlled experimentation by marrying primal, dizzying electronica and a swelling bass hum, with minimal guitar patterns to create a tightly wound, suffocating and intense atmosphere that sets the tone for the EP.

Hiva Oa have become masters of developing atmospheres proving that, for them, a visit to old pastures has worked wonders.

Hiva Oa is: Stephen Houlihan | Christine Tubridy - with Matthew Collings | Daithi McNabb | Chris McCorry


'The band's songwriting carries an emotional punch, one driven home by those tender vocals.' - Clash magazine

'Hot for 2017' - Hot Press

'Ones to Watch 2017' - State Magazine

'There's something quite solitary about's one of those records that sounds like it's just out of reach but at the same time it still like to be loved' - BBC 6 Music - Steve Lamacq

'New Artist of the Week' - The Irish Times

'Still sounding distinctly unique, lead track ‘A Great Height’ was a wonderfully promising return, and such expectations are raised even further thanks to the weighty brilliance of new track ‘Seskinore‘...A heavyweight, wonderfully compelling next-step.' - Gold Flake Paint

'Defies genre, intense to the point of almost being tribal' - BBC Ulster (Across The Line)

'mk2 (part 1) wholly confirms Hiva Oa as one of the country’s most compelling acts right now' - The Thin Air

"I think this is really special...this should be tied for the best record in the world this week." (A Great Height) - SOHO Radio

'Music that transports you far away to a weird and wonderful place is rare. The melodic road to somewhere beautiful and new is difficult to find these days, and it’s wonderfully refreshing when a band comes along, arms open wide, willing to take you on the journey with them.' - The Vinyl District

'Evocatively poignant, nostalgic and steeped in melancholia. An interesting and unique debut.' - Fluid Radio

'This whitewashed chorus is the sound of inner dissonance, nothing really to do with the external world of instruments or processing. This is a place of quiet disorder, of serotonin failure. Rapturous when the sharp cracks of snare drum part the ether and echoes and unbalance.' - The Muse in Music

'Hiva Oa stick to the shadows, erupting into a rolling thunder before coming to a hush once more.' - The List

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