His Father's Voice

County Limerick

His Father’s Voice is a post-punk band from Limerick combining a controlled chaos of unflinching soundscapes reminiscent of Manchester's brooding late 70s and the reverb-soaked wailings of early 90s shoegaze, mixed with vocals steeped in a compellingly melodic pop sensibility. His Father's Voice has been a work in progress since 2014, heavily influenced by the dynamics of Joy Division, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Alvvays. Persistent song-writing lay dormant until an introduction to the local music collective DIY LK mid-2018. With the support of DIY LK injected into the band, His Father’s Voice release their debut EP ‘Context and Perspective’ on 16th March 2019, following on from their anti-Valentine’s day release of leading single ‘No Room for Romantics’.

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Upcoming Gigs

  23 Mar 2019 21:00 Pharmacia , Sarsfield Street , Limerick City   Supporting Autre Monde w/ Hey Rusty    
  4 Apr 2019 20:30 The Menagerie Bar, University Street , Belfast   Supporting Hot Cops & Junk Drawer