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Headtrip Acoustic Project

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Headtrip Acoustic Project is a trio of two acoustic guitars, one cajon and various percussive elements.
Spawned out of busking in the streets of Dublin. It all started when guitarist and vocalist Alessandro Zangrando (aka Zar) and guitarist Giovanni Agostini met for the first time while busking in the streets of Dublin. The two guitar enthusiasts had a natural curiosity to discover what could happen if they mixed their main styles; Lap Tapping & Fingerstyle. As a result of this, the first time they organized a jam session together, they spontaneously composed their first song, which they titled 'The Rising'. They kept rehearsing to both arrange covers in a very unique way and compose original music fusing their different styles. It wasn't until April 2017 that percussionist Niccolò Matterezzo (aka Nik Martken) joined in during an experiment they did in Gorey, co. Wexford, where they went to see guitarist Shane Hennessy play a concert. The trio set up in the main street of the town and eloquently without having ever rehearsed as a trio started playing and improvising songs on the spot, it was then they realized there was a strong musical connection among them and the mix of two acoustic guitars plus one cajon and small percussive elements met to create a unique atmospheric musical experience. Since then they've kept working hard on composing original music, busking, playing gigs and releasing their first EP of 5 songs called ‘The Rising’.

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