Harrison & The Devil

Galway City, County Galway

"A gorgeous meeting of Sabbath's menace and Talking Heads' awkward swag. The result: a cynical soundtrack to a night of libertarian adventures from Galway's westside." - Evening Herald

"Harrison & The Devil's Cat Matters is more sordid than a party with Max Mosley. A late contender to wedge its way onto the end of year 'best of' lists." - Golden Plec

"Blends post-modernist techniques to the old-school influences that lay beneath the group’s sound, giving Cat Matters a “beat generation” Kerouac meets Ryan Adams feel, while maintaining a modern relevancy" - The Journalist.ie

The EP "Cat Matters" (Top 5 Irish EPs of 2013, Nialler9.com), and the double single "Mary/Blue Blood" can be found at: http://harrisonandthedevil.bandcamp.com


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