Hands up who wants to Die

Phibsbra, County Dublin

Hands up who wants to Die are four furious messers who got together in late 2008 to make music that would capture the zeitgeist and inner city pressures of the crumbling society that surrounded them in the Dublin, Ireland. Their songs have been described as “off-kilter noise rock”, and as “socially aware slab punk with constant discordant meanderings”.

Hands Up have played many corners of the world touring Belarus, Lithuana, Ukraine, Holland, Germany & England. They have shared the stage with The Redneck Manifesto, Adebisi Shank, BATS, Don Vito, Marvin, Warlords Of Pez and many more.

They are currently writting their debut album after the success of their split 10” vinyl with Cork based I'll Eat Your Face. This album is set to be recorded in August of this year and will be released later in the year on Dublin based Independent label The Richter Collective.

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