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Experimental // Naas, Kildare

hallymusic is an independent musician, recording artist, studio owner and record producer from Co. Kildare, Ireland. At his core he is a singer songwriter and a tentative poet whose nature is experimental. His style has an indie folk predominance, jazztastic undertones, ambient textures and electronic episodes. He uses spoken word cushioned by a raging bebop band to further emancipate his rant.
His latest release ‘Christmas Eve’ carries the torch of a long established tradition, in which The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale of New York’ has had the greatest mainstream success, and takes us on a winding tour down Yule tide’s darker alleys. The song’s opening establishes the scene on a hazy Christmas Eve, with each instrument wobbling in its own way around the beat, like tipsy punters at the bar, before finding their sync as the song proper begins. A double bass somberly descends, a piano tinkles, accompanied by languorous guitar fills, a sparse brooding horn section, and snapping sibilant percussion.
Enter hally’s unique melodic wail to tell a tale of lovers living through an evening that neither wants to end, interrupted momentarily by a brief but beautiful trumpet solo which sets a more celebratory mood, and you have yourself a potent and poignant seasonal concoction, unlike any other tune of Christmas past.
The song is impeccably recorded too, and as a listener you feel as though you are inside the recording, which has the feel of a bright and lively jazz room, where each instrument and sound occupies its own space and makes its own contribution to the story; in short, an absolute pleasure for the ears.

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