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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Kieran O'Reilly: Vocals, Drums, Guitar
Éamonn Young: Guitars
Ian Corr: Piano & Keyboards

ALBUM #2, 'ARRHYTHMIA' (Out Now!) - The Irish Times referring to the album as a "smart collection of intelligent and sensitive rock... [that will] do the heart and soul good". Hot Press Magazine reported: "Last time round, we described them as "atmospheric indie", but 'Arrhythmia' is composed of bleaker soundscapes, more reminiscent of Joy Division".

"I can honestly say it's one of the best new songs [HEADSTONED] from an Irish band I've heard in a while. It has that reflective indie rock quality but there's something about the great writing and music that really makes this song stand out" - JOE DONNELLY, TXFM

"Team Hot Press is mightily impressed with the debut single from Hail The Ghost, 'Headstoned', which has a mean 'n' moody thing going on not dissimilar to The National" - HOT PRESS

"The alternative rock trio mix elements of The National, Interpol and Whipping Boy to create a brooding sound" - GOLDENPLEC

"Hail The Ghost are a refreshing breath of Indie air for us to inhale, absorb and appreciate" - DUBLIN CONCERTS

"Sparsely arranged, beautifully structured and performed, this is a real grower [HEADSTONED]" - CEOL COLLECTIVE


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