Dublin, County Dublin

Kieran O'Reilly: Vocals, Drums, Guitar
√Čamonn Young: Guitars
Ian Corr: Piano & Keyboards

ALBUM #2, 'ARRHYTHMIA' will be available from 6th December 2019


"I can honestly say it's one of the best new songs [HEADSTONED] from an Irish band I've heard in a while. It has that reflective indie rock quality but there's something about the great writing and music that really makes this song stand out" - JOE DONNELLY, TXFM

"Team Hot Press is mightily impressed with the debut single from Hail The Ghost, 'Headstoned', which has a mean 'n' moody thing going on not dissimilar to The National" - HOT PRESS

"The alternative rock trio mix elements of The National, Interpol and Whipping Boy to create a brooding sound" - GOLDENPLEC

"Hail The Ghost are a refreshing breath of Indie air for us to inhale, absorb and appreciate" - DUBLIN CONCERTS

"Sparsely arranged, beautifully structured and performed, this is a real grower [HEADSTONED]" - CEOL COLLECTIVE

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