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Green Gurl

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Based in Dublin, Green Gurl is fronted by Brazilian vocalist/songwriter Dessa Vanuci who came to Ireland seeking a band who shared her creative vision. This led to the fortunate collaboration with guitarist/songwriter Steven Kennedy. Our drummer Colm and our bassist Sammy's chemistry is the cherry on top. We are all about oddly phrased riffs and cathartic choruses, with a late 90s pop rock sound.
Inspired by Paramore , Nirvana , Alanis Morissette and Incubus our live performance is highly energetic, dramatic and hopes to bring all of your feelings to the surface.

Our debut single "Monsters" is an anthem that serves as a lifeline for those trapped in toxic relationships. The song describes the sense of being drawn in and misled by somebody and not having the strength to break free.
On the 12th of April, we played our launch gig for "Monsters" at Whelan's Upstairs to a full house.

Our goals for this single are to establish our digital footprint through different media outlets and reach a larger online audience which will provide us with a strong portfolio of publicity moving forward. The key factors in our strategy are getting featured on suitable Spotify playlists, television and radio coverage and interviews for magazines and music related blogs.

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