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Good Strangers

Indie // Mullingar, Westmeath

Good Strangers are an indie band ready to launch an exciting new musical project in 2023, with their forthcoming singles, a 5 track EP 'Adult Teenage Novels' and an immersive live set.

The name Good Strangers is a celebration of openness and the many good strangers the band mates have met throughout their time touring, travelling and attending many a music festival.

The two lead singers Niamh and Conor formed the band in 2022 after moving home from Berlin, influenced by the songwriter scene in the German Capital.

Best friends since the age of 3, Adult Teenage Novels is a glassy lyrical reflection on the pair's time in America in their late teens and early 20s, and is a disarmingly bare chested exposition on the ecstasy and agony of transition, from free spirited teenagerdom to the reality of adulthood, distraction and complication, themes of love, loss, sexuality and coming of age.

Kev, Des and Luke joined Good Strangers, expanding on the immediacy and rawness of the singers' emotive sound, crafting soundscapes for an indie offering homesick for the 90s.

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