Glass Wings

Belfast, County Antrim

In an era of experimental, process-heavy or increasingly homogenised pop music, could originality exist in a return to the simplicity of classic songwriting? That’s the theory presented by Glass Wings, the alias of Belfast-based artist, Stephen Jones. Glass Wings is a listening experience that is strangely familiar, but with an edge. Guaranteed to leave you singing along, but with no idea where the next song will take you.

“Jana from Barcelona marks a confident debut from Glass Wings” - Tom Robinson BBC 6Music

Glass Wings’ debut EP ‘Jana from Barcelona’ was released to acclaim in May 2017, securing a series of live appearances including Stendhal Festival and Sligo Live. Now with a debut album due for release later in 2018, ‘For a Little While’ is the lead single to set the tone for a body of work exploring personal and societal coming of age in an increasingly uncertain world.

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