Gavin Mulhall

Celbridge, County Kildare

New EP "The Wisdom of Crowds" is available from the 29th of March 2013 on iTunes, Google Music, Nokia Music Store, Spotify and Amazon MP3. It can also be purchased at with 50% of proceeds going to the Keep A Child Alive Charity, or for free at Bandcamp ( and Soundcloud (

From a band trapped in a singer-songwriter's body to a singer-songwriter wrapped inside a band - Gavin's story is one of gradually treading outside the lonely bedroom (where his first self-recorded/self-played EP "Guided by Lights/Governed by Numbers" was produced) into supportive musical environs of his closest friends, the Slow Eureka Band (Stu MacKenzie, Derek Lee, Neil O'Brien). Via the follow-up EP "A Million Monkeys on a Million Typewriters" (produced by Scott Halliday), Gavin and the band honed their sound in 2011 and 2012 with nationwide appearances and the establishment of J.E.R.K. Records. As a firm EP fan and with a commitment to the DIY approach, "The Wisdom of Crowds" is his third and most collaborative EP to date.

"The Wisdom of Crowds" is a 5 song EP exploring the areas of co-operation, collaboration, collusion and dissent. Breaking from the approach of previous EP's, Gavin sought to involve musicians in the process of arranging new material. Self produced and recorded in their own J.E.R.K. studios, the themes explored in the EP were borne out in the process as Gavin had to learn that despite the inherent frustrations, it's not as valid making music unless it's with other people.

Praise for "The Wisdom of Crowds":
"Gavin Mulhall continues to release quality EPs – so here's hoping the follow up to this Elliott Smith-influenced EP The Wisdom of Crowds is a full length..."
Aoife Barry, The Irish Times 29/3/13
Praise for "Magpie's Nest":
"Mulhall's Trip Rock Ballad is certainly not short of doom and gloom but some scrappy guitar soon snaps the Dublin man from his euphonic coma"
Celina Murphy, Hotpress 21/4/10
Praise for "Surrender to Reason": 5/8/10:
"A subtle bass line, quirky sparse effects, good harmonies and production make this stand equal with many ‘signed’ counterparts"
2UIBestow 5/8/10:
"Big sounding radio-friendly pop rock song... enjoyable listen & hints at a decent debut album..."
Praise for "Diagonal Song":
Claire Kane -
"It is refreshing to find a musician who doesn’t stick to the usual method and current trend... an attention grabbing song which speaks volumes about Gavin Mulhall- He is a talented musician and lyricist with a strong and impressive singing voice."”

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