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Hip Hop // Cashel, Tipperary

GavinDaVinci moved to Limerick from Tipperary in 2017 and began producing an album titled "Mr. MAAD The Inventor". By the time the project was complete, he had linked up with the earliest form of PX Music, notably DJ Replay and producer Akia, to release the album as the first project through the soon-to-be label. Since then, he has played every city in Ireland, building a reputation for raucous shows. He has since self-produced another album titled "superscumbagmode" to notoriety across the country.

GavinDaVinci has been in the lists for top Irish artists from passionweiss, Nialler9 and District Magazine, and also won a fan-based vote for Best Music Video of the Year (2019) through new trend Squick. 2020 has seen him release another self-produced EP titled "Please, don't listen to my shit if you love me". Production credits include; Post Punk Podge, Hazey Haze and Murli.

"What differentiates DaVinci and his crew from this current class of rappers is their steadfast commitment to re-imagining ‘90’s street rap through a contemporary working-class Irish lens. It’s like Griselda Records minus the gangster realism and the black American perspective—neo-noir dispatches from forgotten parts of modern Ireland where brawling, drug-fueled binges, unrequited love, and treacherous betrayals are an everyday thing. Just don’t ask them how to cook crack." - Passion Weiss

"Plenty of filthy bass-lines, eerie samples, and scumbag based lyricism" - District Magazine

“Transcending genres and tearing up the rule book when it comes to writing a hip hop album” – Prima Volta

“DaVinci displays a flare for the self aware, penning from a perspective that oozes understanding and maturity” – Nialler9

“Brusque accented rap” – Notion Magazine

"A madcap performer who shreds Hiberno-English into bloodstained, zany rap, DaVinci is the group’s ODB, but somehow also its RZA. His refreshingly strange songs show why, and how, the unvarnished rural Irish accent can work in rap." - VICE