Gascan Ruckus

Middletown, County Armagh

In an age when affectation is all too often mistook for integrity, Belfast-based four-piece Gascan Ruckus are living, pummeling proof that energy and intent far outweigh the laws of pretension and empty promises. Having formed in Armagh in 2008, the incomparably energetic quartet embody an ethos firmly rooted in riff-centric punk rock; one defined by pop sensibilities and a truly uncanny ear for a killer melody. Bursting with immediacy, infectious accessibility and countless unforgettable hooks throughout, the band’s new EP, Buddies, is a pulsating, totally unrelenting distillation of what the band are all about.

Having put out three brilliantly brawling singles and toured the UK twice in the last 18 months, the band have been quick to capitalise on their growing reputation on the local circuit and beyond, attracting comparisons to fellow riffmasters general Kerbdog, The Bronx and local noiseniks LaFaro in the process. Now, with the release of Buddies, Gascan Ruckus’ raucous urgency boasts a melodic backbone like never before; the band’s riff-driven throwdowns coalescing with snarling vocals to create a virtually unmistakable sound.


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