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Garrett Laurie

Alternative // Belfast , Antrim // He/ They

Garrett Laurie is a singer-songwriter from Belfast whose debut, bedroom recorded single 'Have Fun', was released in March 2020. 'Crying On Cue', the subsequent EP's dark synth pop sound fused itself with a classic Hollywood cinematic quality, whereas Laurie's sophomore project, 'Barbies With Betty Finn' takes a lo-fi direction, recorded through iPhone voice-notes, adding what The Jumble Magazine called 'an air of intimacy', with 'clever and cutting' track titles, creating a 'raw, honest, and reflective' project. He pulls back on production value to heighten this EP's lyrical impact, using the theatrical thematic devices at the core of 'Crying On Cue' to establish a unique artistic identity.

Garrett Laurie's upcoming single, 'In A Way, It's Okay' is set for release on July 2nd 2021 as part of his first studio recorded project, 'Answer Me!' which is set for release later this year.