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Garret Moore

Alternative // Dublin


In Cold Darling is written, recorded and produced by Garret Moore to be self-released on his own label DT Records on April 10th. Mixed by Shuta Shinoda (Jenny Beth, Ghost Poet) and Mastered by Noel Summerville.
It will be released physically on 180g Black Vinyl limited 300 pressing. stocked in Rough Trade, available to pre-order HERE and the Rough Trade website when the album is announced 05/03/2020 with the launch of new single ‘Forget Where you’ve Been’. The single Wood for Fire is currently streaming now on all platforms.
The Album will be released on April 10th 2020.

//Open Letter//


This is my DIY Virtuous Guitar Record, a culmination of four years of experimenting, vigorous writing and exploring new ideas as an Artist. It is a love letter to my Dublin home, my once French habitat and my London Life.

Most of the recording was done at night in an arts space in Bermondsey that also functions as a Recycling Plant. Over the course of a year and through all seasons, I tracked guitars. An unimaginable amount of takes, power outages and occasional bleed from the machines all married into the takes used for the album.

I recorded the vocals in my house, the drums in Joe’s sitting room and the guitar for Ma Cherie in my mother’s house the morning of a friends funeral who had passed away a couple days prior. Ma cherie also took 12 years to write. The Drums were performed by Joe Taylor (Malana Zavala) with additional bass tracking by Jamie Keegan.

I decided to abandon the piano synth pop sound from my Breaking Ballets EP which featured on Nialler9 and got me Ireland Music Week 2013 (Hard working class heroes) because I was conforming to what was cool, not finding my voice and was heavily depressed by it.

For Music Theorists, there’s some cool guitar voicing to listen out for, a key change in their somewhere and some motivic movements near the end of Side B functioning as a Coda of sorts.

The Album is entirely self-funded including the limited vinyl pressing.

It took me six years to get to this place.

I hope you enjoy the album

Sincerely G


Nialler9: “Alternative pop that can sound ragged one minute, due to Moore’s gravelled voice or
anthemic due to some rich and reaching piano-featuring arrangements.”

Artrocker Magazine: “Then you'll definitely see me there next year where I will definitely be catching a chap called Garret Moore who I have being told was incredible.”


Garret Moore was an outsider, who had to become an insider. A romantic recording studio recluse with everything required to be capable of making that first and final, and long awaited debut solo album. The years of playing in bands, sessions, recordings, shows, record stores, life, experience, love, performance, songwriting, romance and studios constantly deriving from his native Dublin, his once Paris home, his London life.

Life changes fast and hits hard. Perhaps that’s what is was needed to push an artist over the edge to finally deliver a first piece? Through time, life around him became a part of the record, but the core remained strong to that original dream. And the end result is glorious.

This sonically adventurous and lyrically astute debut solo album unfolds with a truthfulness and maturity. In moments, you can hear Ryley Walker, Jeff Buckley, Alex G, Steve Gunn, M.Ward, Leonard Cohen, Cian Nugent, Car Seat Headrest, all running through the veins of this very personal but very giving record.

Guitars flutter, lyrics lure you in, effects tingle the ear buds, vocals give you an open discourse with a gentle soul, drums are BIG, and bass lines swoon. From track one to nine in this 36 minute reveal, we find a new and genuinely exciting songwriting talent , who possesses a depth, honesty and soul in his music. A rare kind of songwriter. With an ear for an honest hook.

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