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Gareth Freiheit

Rock // Dublin, Dublin // He/Him

Gareth Freiheit is a musician from Dublin who cut his teeth in the indie rock scene in Leeds. After developing his sound there he moved to London where he joined forces with his backing band The Good Deeds. Informed by the Yorkshire no-nonsense DIY aesthetic, he infuses elements of The Cribs with a Bruce Springsteen twist. Since settling in London he has played with artists such as Eric Bell of Thin Lizzy and sold out shows at The Victoria Dalston and The George Tavern in Shadwell. His songs have featured on Ireland’s national broadcaster 2fm and he has been given praise for his masterful guitar work and big choruses.
His name is a reference to Freiheit Square in Munich, the city where he was born, and where his parents led its first St Patrick’s Day parade through in the 90s.