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Gar Cox

Acoustic // Dublin, Dublin

One man and his guitar is the banner under which I travel. I've been playing guitar and singing songs for centuries, from bands to ensembles to duos. Normally focusing on the folkie side of life with a little disco and a twisted tail feather shaken in. From the old days busking and playing on trains, to cathedrals and registry offices - I could list place names all day but the story is the same.

I write songs about the world we live in, about how we feel about it and how we feel about each other and ourselves. What makes us tick and what makes us sick, and how we do what we do-do-be-do-be-do. I've spent years playing in Paris, Edinburgh and Dublin - love does awful things to your geography. This past year I released my EP "Support Your Local Bookshop" ("Beguiling [...] Top-notch tunes" - Hot Press). I recorded with Pete Pamf, Pawel Grunzien and David Turpin, I sang with Cait O'Riordan, supported Mundy and went on a tour of Ireland's independent bookshops to play my songs.