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David Griffin or 'Griff' as he is well known in the music industry for his hard work with Knockanstockan and several bands including New Secret Weapon has just launched a solo project 'Gaolbyrd'. He has accumulated immediate acclaim for his live shows after touring the country with 'The Scratch' including a sold out show in the Olympia. Other supports have come in through 'Singular Artists such as 'Ocean alley and 'Melts'. This started as a lock down project from Griff as New Secret Weapon and their new mgmt deal with Purple Wall was developing. Studio works wise Gaolbyrd has a portfolio of over 90 songs 16 of which are mixed and some mastered. A lot of heavy lifting has been done and a release schedule is being put in place more for the generation of traffic that the live shows are creating than anything but either way Griff feels ready to get amongst his counterparts and influences with some much anticipated solo material. There are 3 videos complete and they are being made available over the end of June and into July. Each video will be accompanied by a 4 track E.P. to 'show the wares' if you will of this prolific genre sweeping songwriter and artist. Video 1 is fully animated. The beautiful softer stranger side of Griff is on display here with his song and video to match 'High Infidelity'. Des Garvey and his absolute wizardry animated a stunning visual representation to one of Griffs' less than conventional jazz folk songs. There will be 3 other song made available on Band Camp and here on Breaking Tunes with that video due for release mid /late June. Video number 2 shot and edited by the wonderful Martin Ozbourne of Progessive Productions who supplied crew and cameras for Saint Sisters latest video. Its a 90's hip hop caper with full glitz and glam and is a take on the duality of man and woman in a slightly dark and hedonistic trip hop track also accompanied by 3 other tracks compiling of collaborations with 'Contour' and more. Video number 3 is my tip of the hat to my 90's grunge love. It Is shot and directed by Apolly Naria. Very excited about this video as its the visual representation of one of Gaolbyrds' masterpieces 'Murderous Sound' it features Griff on piano bass drums and vocals...think 'Ben Folds' on steroids. Gaolbyrd plays all synths and acoustic instuments in the studio but for the ensemble show of which there has been 2 sold out Griff is joined by a drummer Bassist Fautist and \Sax. There are a few bottom tier billings and a winter show planned with a full album release due 2023