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Frabjous Day

Alternative // Celbridge, Kildare

We are Frabjous Day.

The band are:
Lorcán O' Dwyer - Guitar and SING
Gregory Jackson - Bass
Sean Cunningham - Sax and Synths
Dundle the Viking Lord - Bangs

The origins of Frabjous Day began with the birth of Lorcán O'Dwyer, who was playing songs before his mother was born. With the conscription of Seancy, and the discovery of the frozen viking, Dundle, while on holiday in Norway the original lineup was formed. However the culmination of the Frabjous Day talent only truly began during the harsh winter of 2008 with the addition of bassist 'Nancy Gregory Jackson', and the band has been going strong ever since.
Since their humble beginnings the fan base has been growing steadily, with celebrities such as Glen Hansard being aware of their existence, and Johnny Depp, who has been heard to exclaim “... Frabjous Day!” several dozen times in recent months.
Frabjous Day combine several genres, pop, trance, electro, dance and funk to create a powerful new type of music that has been wooing crowds all over Leinster., usually simply dubbed 'Dancefunk'.
The Music Masters have recently released their debut E.P 'Only I May Dance', containing the might of Frabjous Day.


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