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Forty Foot

Alternative // Dublin

Dubin-based grunge band Forty Foot delve into the darker side of Dublin with their energetic, distortion-fueled riffs, and infectious vocal melodies combining to create mosh-ready anthems. Forty Foot are quickly emerging as one of the most exciting acts of 2023.

After the sudden death of a close friend and former collaborator, the band formed in 2019 comprised of Mark Dillon (Guitar), Sam Coffey (Guitar/Vocals), with the new additions of Anthony Ross (Drums,) and Keith Ennis (Bass) in 2022, adding a new layer to the band’s signature sound.

Forty Foot have released three singles to date, each one being aired by Marco Collins at KEXP (the DJ famous for giving Nirvana their radio debut), and IDNA winning an "Honourable Mention" in the 2022 Unsigned Only Music Competition.

They have returned to a more traditional method of live recording in recent months, and on the back of sessions in Camden Recording Studio, they are ready to reach new heights with the release of their first EP in late 2023.