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Fortune Igiebor

Hip Hop // Dublin

Fortune Igiebor is a producer and vocalist from North Dublin popular for his eccentric genius and unique take on hip hop. Since releasing his first single ‘So Famous II’ in 2018, Fortune has fallen deeper in love with the art of music creation, poetry and performance.

Fortune Igiebor’s outlandish and versatile style of “new-age” hip hop was inspired by his childhood love of spoken word. Ever since he learned to write, Fortune would write songs and poetry. Fortune's only certainty is that music has always been and will always be his life's passion.

The content of Fortune's art differs every time, there's very rarely a recurring emotion in his music. Different singles can evoke confidence, ambition, determination or even sadness and memories of heartbreak.

The talented artist raps about his life and how it might relate to yours and how it might be nothing like yours. Fortune writes about his ups and downs, he writes to get you up in the morning and to set you down for the evening. Where there’s a story someone can relate to, or an emotion to evoke to fans, that’s where Fortune Igiebor's inspiration stems from.

Fortune’s new single, taken from an old mixtape, is self-produced and mastered by xcaliber who originally produced NIGHTFALL and MR.GORGEOUS. Up next is a song dedicated to the nights where recklessness is the phrase most thrown around.

Fortune Igiebor also has his very own headline show at The Grand Social coming in June. The show will come on the heels of his debut summer single Piss in the Corner. No stranger to live performances, Fortune has performed at NOFOMO Hip Hop, Workman’s Cellar, Live n’ Lyrical, The Lighthouse, Opium, This is It Festival, NOFOMO with Skull The Pierre and Trinity African Society Ball. The young artist also hopes to sell out bigger venues in Dublin/Ireland, then eventually smaller venues across London, France, and Berlin.