For Foresters

Letterkenny, County Donegal

"‘Bath’ builds from small whispered beginnings to a crescendo of sax and full-band swinging on the crux of the lyric “I am done being the silent one.” Super promising." - Nialler9

"Filled with far-off textures, pounding percussion and tense atmospheres, the music of ‘Towels’ is an unrelenting large-scale production that holds a strong depth of field throughout. " - The Last Mixed Tape.

"Accompanied a sublime video ... the single is a swelling cloud of first-rate experimental ambient folk that confronts the tough experience of Blake." - The Thin Air.

‘For Foresters’ are a three-piece theatrical, poetic and expressive act from Co. Donegal. Formed in June 2015; they are comprised of Gabriel Paschal Blake (guitar/vocals), Conal Doherty (bass) and Gary Hamilton (drums).

The trio have been playing together for the better part of six years. Their live shows have never been more dynamic, energetic and powerful. They have toured with SOAK, played Electric Picnic and the Other Voices Music Trail..

Their music is presented with a deep focus on lyrical narratives accompanied by ethereal tones and compelling melodies. For Foresters are not just musicians but storytellers who recite their pro's through raw, honest tunes.

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