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Floor Staff

Pop // Dublin town, Dublin

Floor Staff is the work of Dublin musician Anthony Donnelly. The debut album 'Attention' is set for release August 27th. The music reflects the turmoil of loss and regret but set against a broad horizon of possibility, plays on the freedom of uncertainty and the urgency of hope that accompanies a personal reckoning

Clash - “A pop maverick fusing electronic production to nagging, dream like melodies that grab hold of your unconscious”

The Independent UK - “Explores social anxieties and expectations through his innovative shimmering pop music”

BBC Across the line - “Expert production, really interesting sounds”

Wonderland - “A deeply personal and delightful pop sound”

Born Music Online - “Seamlessly weaving between slick and understated to bold electro-pop grooves. He’s set for big things.”

The Point Of Everything - “Pretty irresistible”

Nialler9 - “A leap in ambition, craft and production."

Little Indie Blogs - “Lovely instrumental workings, synth beats and a voice that is chilled and delightful”

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