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Fin Furey

Other // Dublin

Fin Furey's music is a house of theater. When paper and pen collide worlds of forgotten dreams are brought back to life, at his fingertips the hopes and fears of real life join the devils and spirits of folklore in search for solace. A young Artist who uses storytelling songwriting rooted in Irish musical tradition to deliver a sound that is purely his own.

His live performances have been described as exciting and uplifting experiences where Furey's silky-smooth vocal sets a soulful tone in an intimate 'one man one guitar' setting from which he builds to fronting a band whose sound sits under and heats up his contagiously 'feel good' rhythmic delivery. Blurring the lines between concert and campfire sing-song, Fin enjoys interacting with his audience during the show by sharing tales which inspired the funny moments which his lyrics depict, and orchestrating audience participation in the songs he performs.

"In music new worlds are created. With music anything can happen..."
-overheard in The Hellfire Club.