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Fighting Spiders

Electronica // Waterford, Waterford

Fighting Spiders are a musical project under the leadership of songwriter and performer Ashley Sheehan. Having led numerous groups over the years, such as The Mute and 13 Kennel Gods, the Fighting Spiders allows Ashley to flex his modern production muscles and blend his love of 80s synth pop with classic guitar-driven songwriting. The Spiders draw heavily on influences such as Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, Prince and Cindi Lauper.

In January 2020, the Waterford-based electro-pop outfit released ‘Some Party’ - a beats-laden banger about the party that never ends, or does it?

“Everything In Life Has Brought You Here"

This follows on from a set of single releases in 2019 which included the synth-soaked darkness of ‘I Have Something You Like’, the nostalgia-themed electro acoustic vibes of ‘Every Fresh Memory’ and the winter warming melodies of ‘Nothing’s Forever.’

Fighting Spiders showcases the commanding vocals of Ashley Sheehan, the intriguing guitar talents of Dean Croke and gritty placement of synth, loops, beats and basslines from Brian Grace, Dean Doyle, Rob O’Connor and Andy Walsh.