Fighting Spiders

Waterford, County Waterford

- Latin name - Scrapious Bugicus
- Rare breed
- Known for inventing the 8 leg two step dance
- Can be found under most night club speakers
- Thrives at sub 500hz
- Diet consists of analogue synth circuitry, liquid found in glowsticks and 808s.
- Excretes good vibes

Hatched and fronted by Ashley Sheehan of The Mute and 13 Kennel Gods. Fighting Spiders, from the darkness of their lair, spawned their own breed of electro-pop. Combining pounding electro beats, pulsating synths, and sweeping ethereal pads with live percussion, guitars and brass, Fighting Spiders have created a sound which is both epic and instant. These 6 arachnids will make you boogie, shuffle and shake till your feet explode.

Nature has seen fit to warn us. This particular species is brightly coloured, so you will not confuse them for something more mundane, something average. You will see them coming, but by then it may be too late.

Their sonic venom is deadly.

Once subjected, there is no escape.

You will get caught in the web.

/////// I Have Something You Like/////
////////////////////OUT NOW///////////

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