Fall Sharp

Navan, County Meath

We are the Navan based Hard Rock act, Fall Sharp. We prefer to use the term "Hard Rock" as opposed to "Metal" because when the word Metal is heard, people think we scream our way through every song which is not true...
Some might call us Nu-Metal but thats for you to decide :)

Were quite a young group actually, not even a year old only forming in January 2011.
We write our own original material as well as the odd cover or two. We have recently recorded a Demo Cd which should be available to listen to on here. It was recorded in Slane Studios by engineer Mark Reddy.
We also recently won a Battle of the Bands Contest in Drogheda with a cash prize of 500 euro.
We are very interested in networking with other bands on breaking tunes and playing shows in as many places as possible.
We take our music very seriously with a very professional attitude also.

The band is:
David Mahon - Vocals
Lee Kearney - Guitar
Jason Mckeon - Bass
Alan Martin - Drums

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