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Eve Clague

Singer-songwriter // Clonakilty, Cork

From Clonakilty West Cork, Ireland, Eve is a singer-songwriter who draws on the rich variety of music she grew up with in her home and community. Her style of song writing is highly personal and direct. Her enrolment in Corks School of Music in 2014 really gave Eve the time and space to develop her songwriting and collaborate with a huge range of like minded musicians.

The Eve Clague Band is made up of well known players from Cork's music scene. Featuring some of her own string arrangements, Eve's music crosses genres very naturally in songs which centre around her acoustic guitar and deeply honest vocal style.

Eve has developed a self taught fingerpicking style of guitar with folk/jazz elements and hints of Joni Mitchell and Nick Cave vibes. She has a powerful voice that captures the elements of the 60s.
She writes songs of love, friendship and heartbreak and other issues dealing with emotions and mental health.

Following a break from music, spurred by the 2020 pandemic, Eve returns this year releasing a single, “Red Skies” on 9th May 2024. Originally this song was meant to be released in 2020. A different person now, Eve says it is like looking back at a past self. The accompanying video was created by cinematographer Maiya Rice and team. It features hand made creatures who fall in love and ending with a volcanic eruption of googly eyes. …”scattered by lying eyes” Two more singles are to be released in Autumn, ahead of her debut album “Caught in Words” which is due to be launched in early November 2024 on all music platforms.
Eve recorded 8 tracks live at Wavefield Studios over 2 days, playing her unique style of guitar and singing. The album developed over a 2 year period where guest musicians added their talents and the result is a variety of delicious diverse sounds.

“Young Naive Me is so beautifully picturesque, it's authenticity can be heart-breaking and moving, sometimes more than you'd like to allow it to be, as an entire package you'll struggle to hear a more complete piece of song-writing by an Irish artist this year.” - Remy 2019

“The acoustic guitar, taut to the rhythm, is contrasted against the rounded bass melody. Eve’s vocals in this track are gentle but firm, wise with the strength of hindsight.” - Nialler9 2019

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25th April 2024 19:30 Eve Clague & The Leon Stax Equation LIve @ The Loft Galway More details

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