Emer Kenny

Dundalk, County Louth

In recent writing, I have been creatively disinhibited, and when that little voice surfaced to say 'You can't say that..!', I decided to ignore it... Emer

"Songs Which Impressed me Greatly"
- Jeremy Irons, 2010

The Vocals and Production are Great
- Stuart Clark, April 2010

Contemporary, Stimulating and a little bit Challenging
- Fachtna O Ceallaigh, March 2010

"She's the strangest kind of pop musician you could ever hope for... I miss songs of sexual obsession, there needs to be more of them."
- Matt Cibula

Internationally renowned and critically acclaimed harpist and singer Emer Kenny has sold over fifty thousand albums world-wide. She has collaborated with some of the biggest and most respected names in the music industry, Jeffrey Lesser (production), John Petoker(mixing), Ger McDonnell (mixing), co-writing with Gardner Cole, and being remixed twice by dance music icon, Junior Vasquez.

Emer's original music has been used in major US films and television series.

She has performed at Irish and International festivals and concerts, radio and television shows. Throughout her career, Emer has maintained a unique sound whilst never being afraid to push musical or lyrical boundaries, for Emer, it's all about the music

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