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Eman Tsitra

Acoustic // Dingle, Kerry

My story is in the songs, they are each a few minutes or so long but many tears in the making. I first tried writing a song called Stardust when i was around eight years old and recently returned to the theme. The song has many meanings and the intervening years have enabled my musical ability to develop. There are melodramatic interludes in the arrangement and tempo changes. It was recorded without a clicktronome and the harmonica parts were improvised. It is a simple acoustic recording that seems to offer a clear direction for my music to take. Never really had a band to back me up and it seems I will have to perform live alone.
I am seeking an audience of people who connect with my songs. This can be in any way they choose. Whatever the reason people like my music and want to hear me play live, i will be happy to entertain them. Their connection to the music is a personal thing and to try to tell people what it is about my music that they should listen for would be arrogant. All i can do is do my best to write and sing songs that are inspired and mean something to me. I hope that people will listen to them and want to hear me play live.

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