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Elora C

Pop // Gorey, Wexford

Elora C is the moniker of Irish singer, songwriter and producer, Carole Wood. The name was inspired by the duality of human nature, Elora C being Carole spelled backward, an alter ego of sorts. Her dark, narcotic-like dream pop is guided by a unique blend of smokey and honey-sweet vocals, which have been compared to Lana del Rey and Lera Lynn.
Elora C began writing songs on guitar, aged 14. Throughout her teens and early twenties, she founded and played in a variety of indie, rock and alternative bands. Then, in her mid-twenties, after a hiatus spent writing two novels, she discovered jazz and blues and began to write torch songs, which were instrumental in uncovering her voice as an artist.
Stay in Love and Chemical Lie are the lead singles from her forthcoming album, due to be released in August 2018.

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