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Elliott Mo

Electronic // Mullingar, Westmeath

Elliott Mo is an electronic musician.

It was either music or a monastery.

Elliott's introduction to music production occurred during his university years, where he delved into the intricate world of sound creation. As a student, he meticulously studied the production techniques of iconic figures like Kanye West and other legends of classic hip-hop. However, his artistic palette extended far beyond the confines of a single genre. 

Elliott drew inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including the genre-defying sounds of Four Tet, Jamie xx, Moby, and Bonobo.

It was during this formative period that Elliott Mo began crafting his unique brand of electronic music. Fate took an intriguing turn when Elliott found himself under brief mentorship of legendary producer Mike Dean, known for his work with industry giants like Kanye West and Travis Scott. This invaluable experience during the Yeezus European Tour, where Elliott not only absorbed priceless knowledge but also gained access to a treasure trove of instruments and sonic archives, served as both inspiration and a catalytic force for the music to come.

Today, Elliott Mo attempts his most honest and fearless journey toward full artistic expression within Electronic Music and beyond. His music is a testament to the fusion of diverse influences, meticulously crafted to transcend the confines of genre and deliver an immersive, emotive experience that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

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