Dublin, County Dublin

ELKASET is Carl Cullen and Phil Boughton. Based in Dublin, Ireland the duo first started making music together as teenagers. They met up on weekends and played botched covers of their favourite bands on cheap guitars in poorly ventilated sheds, as was popular at the time.

Ten years later, the pair decided to start making music again. Using old analogue synths, samplers, their voices and slightly less cheap guitars, ELKASET was born. ‘Every Night’ is the first sample of their work, with live dates and a vinyl release due in late 2012.


"the Irish duo have assembled a song of sounds that suggest humanity and heat, whilst retaining the essential rigidity of sparse house music....whilst the music industry in on its knees, we’re finally starting to tap into the best new music. Great stuff." A New Band A Day

"What started as clipped-loop experimentation in the vein of Gold Panda or The Field shifts gears to a near-military beat in which buzzing synths and soaring vocal harmonies reach toward Fuck Buttons levels of grandiosity.... Rarely can a new act define its sound in under four minutes, yet ELKASET somehow manages to do it twice." International Tapes, 'Every Night' review

"Their music is super interesting, made from a concoction of analogue synths, samplers, voices and cheap guitars, ‘Every Night’ is the first sample of their work. I think it's great, it's kind of like if Caribou and Hot Chip got super serious and decided to make a track together inspired by deep house; this is what it would sound like, I think. I think they're going to take off" In Love Not Limbo

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