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Indie // Limerick, Limerick

Elenay is a two-piece acoustic/electric band consisting of Liam Byrd and Aaron Moloney. The duo met seven years ago at their local youth club, while they were both still in primary. A friendship quickly grew through their mutual hatred of the team building sports that they were made to take part in.

A turning point came in early 2015 when the pair attended a TY national event, which hosted an open mic. The two always loved to do music together, so they got up on stage to impress their audience with an impromptu show, and by the time they had played the last song, there were pleads from the audience for 'one more tune!'

Since then, Elenay creates their own music, addressing various concepts such as those sleepless nights, losing track of time when growing up, and the internal battles faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Writing these songs has really been aided by their personal music influences from Bright Eyes, Lewis Watson, Bry and Hudson Taylor.

Elenay has performed in a number of venues across Ireland such as representing Limerick at the Irish Youth Music Awards in Croke Park, played the Millennium Theatre in LIT, and at Lily’s Happy Days Festival in Nenagh alongside artists like Bressie’s The Blizzards and Jerry Fish.

The two members share their experiences with each other to create songs, which in turn, are shared and enjoyed by others.