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Elena Duff

Indie // Bailieborough, Cavan

Indie-folk singer-songwriter from Dublin (based in Cavan) with soulful, bluesy vocals sung over acoustic instruments. "Quirky and dark" songs veer from the delicate to those with a driving pulse. Many songs teeter from an acoustic folk sound towards more experimental at times, while still retaining a standard song format. Lyrics cover themes of love and loss, the natural world along with real and imagined folklore tales.

Live, Elena plays either acoustically, or as a one woman band with looper pedal, synths and percussion.

'In the Wilderness' is Elena's debut album and will be released in late summer/Autumn 2023.

"Elena lets her naturally soulful tone shine without needless embellishment, in a way that brings Tracey Thorn to mind" - Damian McCarney, Anglo Celt.

"With a debut album just on the horizon, the single shows that Duff has plenty of talent for crafting good music" - Fatea Magazine.