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Electro Sensitive Behaviour Feat. Perry Blake

Electronica // Dublin

ELECTRO SENSITIVE BEHAVIOUR (ESB) feat. Perry Blake are an electro synth pop duo from Ireland formed in 2013 featuring Perry Blake on vocals & Glenn Garrett on Bass & synth. Their sound is heavily influenced by early 80’s synth pop like Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, David Bowie etc.

The debut album ‘Modern Love’ featuring the singles ‘Michael Caine’ ‘Missing Person’ & ‘Modern Love’ is a catchy, edgy affair that also nods towards Jean Michel Jarre, Gorillaz & John Barry.

"Modern Love" was named as an Album of the week by Dan Hegarty of 2fm in April 2015. This is what he had to say: "Perry Blake has had many albums over the years but his teaming with GLENN GARRETT which they bill as ELECTRO SENSITIVE BEHAVIOUR Feat. PERRY BLAKE may be the most inventive. "Modern Love" is the album that they've come up with, and its the most sophisticated and catchy pieces of work that you will hear all year"

Electro Sensitive Behaviour or ESB have recorded a glorious version of Billy Idol's classic 'Eyes Without A Face' The song was a worldwide hit in the early 80's & ESB's version, whilst faithful to the original sits beautifully alongside their debut album 'Modern Love' (2015) Modern Love has been garnering a lot of attention since it's release in March & Eyes Without A Face marks ESB out as a very unique outfit.

Glenn Garrett is a long term collaborator with Perry Blake. He is an accomplished composer for film and Television and has toured the world extensively with Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance as a bass player.

Perry has had 5 studio albums - all charting in France ( 1 top 40, 3 top 30 and 1 top 5). Most Recent work includes a co write with Steve Jansen of "Japan" (to be released in late 2015) and his first solo release in 8 years "Fool" was also released in 2015. A cover of his song "Widows by the Radio" was recently released by NOUVELLE VAGUE / BRISTOL in April 2015.