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Electric Octopus

Psychedelic // Belfast, Antrim

Aptly defining themselves as an exciting new music cabal, the playfully psychedelic Electric Octopus (and their Electric Octopus Collective project) are proof that a free-flowing approach to music still creates sonic waves today to adventure on. In a world of four-minute radio tracks and lessened attention spans, they put on live shows that are individual explorations of music that are not to be missed.

Whilst touring across the UK, the band have taken social media by storm with their long-form live-session records that crest and wax through an enjoyable journey of colourful rhythms, catching the attention of almost a million listeners on Youtube alone in the year since their debut release ‘This is Our Culture’ on July 2016

Coming together in Northern Ireland early 2016, beginning with some initial low-fi recording sessions – Dale, Guy and Tyrell have risen comfortably into a solid projection of deliciously groovy music, that seems as much an extension of themselves as their thrillingly received performances provide evidence for.
Prior to ‘This is Our Culture’, the band attracted the attention of Ross Cullen at Railway Studios, and in an afternoon laying down the record they set the tone for the prolific series of releases that have followed. Expanding the accessibly funky, rhythmical and unique tone of each new sound from the three-piece for aural digestion, once experienced live of course.

Creating a base for themselves at Blackstaff Mill to record at, including their latest four-hour monster album ‘Driving Under the Influence of Jams’, Electric Octopus have created a cult following with underground showcases, secret garden parties, and personalised, sold out events titled ‘An Evening with Electric Octopus’ around their touring schedules. Their latest hosted evening seeing them joined on stage by Belfast blues legend, Rab McCullough at the Black Box.

Summer 2017 sees the band kick into their first proper festival season with performances lined up at Arcadian Field Festival and Sunflower Festival respectively in August and July, as they continue to grow their impressive initial online following, who keep coming back for the fluid and inventive opportunities to dance that Electric Octopus are now well associated with.

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