Kilcoole, County Wicklow

EHCO is the music of Wicklow based musician and producer Eoin Whitfield. Following the recent conclusion of his previous post pop/instrumental rock outfit "Enemies", Whitfield has taken to creating his own unique and exciting take on electronica. Since the decent of Enemies in late 2016 EHCO has been taking shape in both studio and live form.

As a producer, Whitfield established the highly acclaimed "Hive Studios" in Kilcoole Co. Wicklow over a decade ago. The Hive Studios has attracted many Irish artists such as "Adebisi Shank", "Heathers", "Come on Live Long", "Search Party Animal" and many more.

EHCO in its studio form is mainly the work of Whitfield, with additional creative input from vocalist Jessica Lord, and other various collaborators. The live experience that will be EHCO offers a full 6 piece ensemble, featuring members of Kilcoole experimental indie rock bands Enemies and Croupier.

In an amalgamation of both synth-fueled electronic based instrumentation, and organic musicianship, EHCO is sure to be one of the most exciting new acts to come from Ireland's deep and endearing sea of talent.

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