Kildare/Dublin, County Kildare

Upcoming Kildare-based band Drivelight have just released their new single “Obvious”, taken from their much-anticipated EP Estates.

The band - formerly known as The Dynamics - came together in 2015 and with them, they brought their signature tenebrous blend of raw guitar and awakened lyrics.

Drivelight are a four-piece indie/rock band from Kildare, Ireland. In just a few short years, the band have gone from strength to strength. While they can still be found playing a mixture of gigs in and around both Kildare and Dublin city, you’d be hard pushed to find them playing to an empty room. After starting off in pubs and bars to supporting Picture This alongside Danny O’Reilly and Glen Power, these guys are making waves in the Irish music industry.
Obvious is their first single released from their debut EP Estates. “Estates” is set to release on October 28th. The songs displays what they do best; pure, unfiltered music with the lyrics to match.

“It’s a very promising debut and needs to be heard loud. It’s no frills rock ‘n’ roll and marks them as ones to watch” –
“For a debut single Drivelight have done everything right in terms of an opening salvo, the breaks and guitar riffs are executed surgically.” -Remy

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