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Divine Concern

Folk // Dublin, Dublin

Searching Music in the Shadows of Prison

"Leonard Cohen meets Kraftwerk meets Jim Morrison meets U2"
"A bit black...but very spiritual...very touching"
"Towards Hymns of Punk Rock Praise and Divine Rock 'n' Roll"
"Johnny Cash is back, walking the Lion"
(Irish Reviews)

Music sketches that are created from personal encounters with prisoners and from life experiences, folk songs almost single-handedly recorded, meditative, rocking and ad hoc improvised. Divine Concern has released their 2019 debut Demo-Album “Walk the lion,” with 23 own songs (22 in English). Deacon Dr. Meins Coetsier (vocals and guitar) and Addi Haas (piano / accordion / drums / percussion) search for contemporary expressions of faith, and for new sounds and symbolisations of the divine presence.

Commuting between Germany and Ireland, Coetsier works on a Part-Time PhD on the theology of Prison ministry at Trinity College Dublin. Having lived in Ireland for five years during his studies in philosophy, Coetsier played in Wheatfield prison, and was very much influenced by the Irish music scene ever since.
Although Coetsier and Haas are Dutch and German, their Music in prison has baptised them Irish ;-)

"Thanks for having us! See you in Dublin!"