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Disposable Sex Toys

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Disposable Sex Toys are a band full of fresh ideas, pushing to be heard in Ireland’s now bright and thriving music scene. Holed away in their garage HQ for the past 2 years, the band has worked hard to harness individual creative passions and hone a sound full of raw passion, honesty and emotion, whilst always maintaining a wry smile on their collective face.

Comprising a style that manages to slip in and out of the clutches of categorization-finding a basis in garage rock yet incorporating a pop sensibility that belies the juggernaut of sound that they are known to create, their songs are laden with romance, barroom bravado, youthful naivete, cigarette smoke and humour. Some influences include the Stooges, Nirvana, The Pixies, The Clash, but the band believes the current music climate is a really exciting and healthy one with great bands such as The Metric, QOTSA, Wilco and Interpol all inspiring them to write, record and try new ideas.