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dirty marmalade

Indie // Cavan

dirty marmalade is a DIY project created by two estranged childhood best friends, Donny Mc Avenue and Emil Kapusta, who after a series of serendipitous occurrences found themselves forced back together and left with no option but to pour all of their frustration into paper and song. Nestled deep in the hills of county Cavan with no source of income, they decided to record and produce all of their work completely alone. While recording in various family homes, they discovered an old Hi8 camcorder which allowed them to capture their genuine story in a short, nostalgic biopic entitled 'the tale of dirty marmalade'.

Their indie-rock debut single 'why else?' was released digitally to all streaming services in May, followed by an indie-jazz track 'love bomb', both to be featured on their debut EP entitled 'xix:xi' set to be released on 19th November 2023. This date holds a special significance to both members of the band as the numbers 19:11 are revered by them. These numbers appear subliminally throughout their biopic and music videos.

🍄 gratitude is the key to serendipity 🍄

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