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Dirty Dreamer

Alternative // Dublin

Dirty Dreamer formed in 2018. Having played together for a number of years with the Choice Prize nominated Come On Live Long, Dirty Dreamer formed over months of writing and experimenting with a new sound. Born out of a free form approach to making music, songs emerged from hours of cyclical improvisation. They recorded their debut EP over a weekend in The Meadow studio in Wicklow. The result is the four track Dirty Dreamer EP.

By combining the use of synths, electric guitar, processed vocals, distorted beats and live drums, Dirty Dreamer blend a common love for all things electronic with live instrumentation to attain a sound that is both raw and melodically crafted.

The Dirty Dreamer EP was recorded in The Meadow, produced by Dirty Dreamer and mixed by Ken McCabe.

It will be available in full for streaming and download from December 10th 2019

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