Leixlip, County Kildare

The insight arose in me that I am here in this world to create beautiful things.
I think beauty of all kinds helps to create the world I would love us all to live in.
In the future, we won’t fear our own power and uniqueness.
We will all feel free to express ourselves without fear.
I would like to help create that world with my music.

I left a regular job when I was 22 and without having released a track or played a show, I knew I was supposed to be write, create and perform music. Two days after I left that job I was starting a Masters in Music Technology in Limerick.
One year after that I was in Berlin, scraping a living together by busking on the streets or playing little shows up to 5 nights a week.
One year after that I started producing other artists and writing for other artists or performing vocals for them. I was blessed enough to co-write and perform with artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Marsmimoto, Kid Simius, Lexy & K-Paul, Nicone and Nobodys Face. I was blessed to produce enough and write with artists such as Kid Simius, Charity Children and HYMMJ. It is an honour that people have found pleasure in those songs and they been played so many times.

Although a lot has happened, I feel I'm just at the beginning. I feel like I'm now crystallising my major purpose in music and the projects through which I can achieve this contribution.

With my solo project, delush, I make music to crystallize my learnings, my reflections – to make them into something everlasting, so that maybe they can touch and help others too.
I have written my first full-length album and I'm currently putting together a team of soul warriors to help me reach all those who would enjoy it. I will release the first singles in 2018 following my debut album in early 2019.

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