Deaf Joe

Waterford, County Waterford

Reclusive Irish songwriter, musician and producer Deaf Joe has released various singles, EPs and albums through Dublin's independent Delphi Label. He's a storyteller, exploring different ways of unfolding a narrative through sound. Each album release explores a new sound world, with Joe ripping it all up and starting from scratch. Studio albums to date include 2012's 'Burrowings', 2014's 'From The Heights Of A Dream' and 2018's 'Stuck'.

2019 sees the release of his fourth studio album, 'Love Stories'. This is music for the imagination, an electronica set themed around special places he's been with people he's loved past and present. A bold portrait of Joe with his partner adorns the cover. Sounds drift from fractured noise to blissed out synths and samples, and a warm and positive air drifts through the entire set.

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9787 Deaf Joe:   'Repent'