Deaf Joe

Waterford, County Waterford

Reclusive Irish songwriter, musician and producer Deaf Joe has released various singles, EPs and albums through Dublin's independent Delphi Label. When singing, his lyrics twist and turn in eccentric shapes. Each album release explores a new sound world, with Joe ripping it all up and starting from scratch.

The folk-driven 'Burrowings' album dropped in 2012, followed by the dream-like soundscape drift of 'From The Heights Of A Dream' in 2014. 'Joanna' is his most beloved song to date, aggregating over half a million streams across all platforms.

2018 sees the release of a slew of new music from Joe, starting with stand-alone single 'On The Wrong Side' on January 12th and third album 'Stuck' on February 14th. The album's sound features analogue drum machines, big guitars, lush keyboards and synths, and it documents the collapse of a major relationship. Ireland's Hotpress magazine have described it as "arresting", "absorbing" and featuring "always magnetic vocals". March 29th saw the release of 'And He Opened His Eyes And Looked Skyward', an evocative, emotional 14 minute composition dedicated to the memory of his grandfather.

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