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Electronica // Dublin, Dublin

"Just when you think you have heard the best of the two-piece Irish electronica scene (Solar Bears, Nouveaunoise) another one comes along." - Eoghan O' Sullivan, The Point of Everything

"Beautifully textured and pitched electronic bleeps from Dublin duo Brendan Roth and Steve McEvoy whose tunes to date indicate an act with a lot going on under the bonnet" - Jim Carroll, On The Record

"A mind-melting piece of rabid electronica that’s as proudly self-indulgent as it is lovely... Absolutely zero chart appeal" - Hot Press

"An excellent collection of bright tunes, fusing the organic with electronic, forging these fields into a bright palette of multiple textures" - Nay McArdle, Harmless Noise

"Manages to be both dance-around-your-gaff-friendly electro and blissfully relaxing" - Echoparade

"Pulsating...Futuristic....Very clever indeed" - Celina Murphy, Hot Press

Datadrip are two Dublin-based multi-instrumentalists who like to play live electronica. The duo formed in 2009 via Internet boredom and a mostly mutual taste in music. So far they have released a collection of early demos and two EP’s - available for free at - tracks from which have received both national and international airplay. Their most recent EP ‘Collision’ has enjoyed positive reviews from the likes of Hot Press, The Ticket, and Harmless Noise. Other highlights so far have included playing at the Hard Working Class Heroes festival for the past two years, being asked to play at Whelan’s Ones to Watch 2011, and featuring on the Glastonbury 2011 emerging talent longlist. Their live set contains a multitude of synths, guitars, samplers and mid-song instrument swapping, and they would very much like you to see it. Oh and apparently they like aliens and unicorns…

Contact: [email protected]

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