Darragh O'Dea

Tuam, County Galway

"Darragh O’Dea has emerged as a solo artist gaining a reputation as a songwriter of deep expression.
His latest release, 'The Mary Robinson EP' is a deeply reflective and thoughtful offering. It is a wonderful journey that asks the questions, and yet has not the arrogance to offer a set of prescribed answers but allows for reflection and thought, set against beautiful melodies that are performed and delivered uniquely and with a raw confidence". - Seamus Ruttledge

Hailing from Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, Darragh's songs capture the ever changing moods and elements of his surroundings and are delivered with an alluring honesty and spun with a storytelling nature.

Formerly of Strange Boats, a band hiatus and 18 months living in the North of Thailand helped to drum up a welcomed resurgence in songwriting which led to him pursuing a solo project.

Darragh is currently recording his debut album in Sun Street Recording Studios.

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Upcoming Gigs

  26 Oct 2018 21:00 Canavans Pub (Upstairs), High Street, Tuam, Co. Galway. Ireland   "The Mary Robinson EP" Launch Night    
  22 Dec 2018 21:00 The Black Gate Cultural Centre, Francis Street, Galway   Darragh O'Dea, Davy Flats & Eoin Dolan