Darkroom Data

Dunmore East, County Waterford

Darkroom Data is the indie electro pop science project of Irish vocalist Gillian NoVa and Brazilian composer Márcio Paz. The duo have been writing and recording together for two years, developing a synth heavy sound that is lofi, synthpop at the core. Hooky, expressive vocals punctuate rhythmic, atmospheric soundscapes and their lyrics give human stories an abstract flavour. Their sound has been compared to Little Dragon, Bat for Lashes, Chromatics, Niki & the Dove and Men I Trust.

Their debut single is just out June 5th and has been featured on 2fm, 8 Radio, Artefaktor Radio, Teez fm, ComeHereFloyd, Indie Music Reviews and more and was chosen as the song of the week this week by IrishMusicParty.

Raised on a diet of folk ballads, sci fi, 80s dance and 90s grunge, Nova brings an evocative, storyteller’s sensibility to the modern synthpop genre with a voice that is by times sweet and ethereal, by times dark and soulful. Gillian was front woman for Irish indie rock band ‘The Eyelid Show’ in the 2000s and has released a series of modern synth pop tracks in recent years. She has been featured on Beyond Synth’s retro music show and appears on Aztec Record’s 2020 synth pop compilation album alongside artists such as Timecop1983 and synthwave darling NINA.

Although the main producer for the project, Paz is an artist first, composing and songwriting from an early age. With musical roots in Tropicalia, Clube da Esquina and 90s grunge and pop scenes, Paz’s musical palette alternates deftly from fresh, dance floor pump to jazz club smooth. He has performed as a guitarist in bands since his teens and began his journey in soundscape design when he trained with multimedia artist André Thitcho. Drawn more to composition and sound development and less a fan of lugging gear, he transitioned to the universe of aesthetics and production of sounds and noises in the 2000s. He is now more than happy to attest that he ‘plays computers’.

The duos fusion of skills and artistic references brings a musical chemistry that is unique and beguiling.

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