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Danny Groenland

Soul // Dublin 3, Dublin // He / him

"Danny G has an almost scientific ability to deliver the smoothest and most velvetine soul sound, this man knows his $h*t when it comes to honouring the genre in the most respectful and brilliant way" - REMY

"Fans of Thundercat and even soul acts like Leon Bridges will find much to enjoy in the soaring vocal lines and swung bass grooves" - Nialler 9

"A cast of impeccable musicians bathe the Dubliner's neo-soul songs in crisp and uncluttered R&B, pop and funk." - The Sunday Times

"With ‘The Lookout’, Danny G & the Major 7ths have a produced an album that is a groove-laden joy to behold, a record that delivers perfectly polished positive vibes." - Goldenplec

"The Lookout is all about style. A sharp and sophisticated sophomore album from Danny G & The Major 7ths, The Lookout makes an impression that begs repeat playthroughs. From its tailored production, rich musical interplay and slick songwriting this is a record that is genuine in its stylistic design." - TLMT

"Danny G & the Major 7ths’ ‘The Lookout’ is a smooth dose of retro soul, drizzled in R&B hues and lush pop tones. Exuding velvety vocals bathed in silken musicianship, each song is a wonderful easy listening experience to indulge in." - IndieBuddie

Danny Groenland is a singer, songwriter, flautist, arranger & bandleader. Raised on Irish traditional music and the son of a Dutch folk-singer, he was exposed to a range of influences before falling in love with soul music. Influences include Marvin Gaye, Crosby, Stills & Nash, D'Angelo and anything that makes a head nod in time. He plays and records with a team of top jazz and funk players called The Major 7ths. Groenland specialises in warm vocal harmonies, flute solos, conscious lyrics and positive grooves.