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Daniele Ippolito

Electronica // Santry, Dublin // Mr.

Daniele Ippolito -
Finalist of New York Short Film Festival, Winner of Roma Short Film Festival 2022 and a nomination at Golden Short Film Festival for the best music score.
Was born in Taranto (Italy) 09/18/1993, he started with synthesizers when he was 15yo
while studying of composing and arrangement. At 21 years old he published his first track
called "Riddle", at 23 his first album "Sounds Of The Vice" instrumental only, a mix of 80s
sounds aim to re-discover the sound of Miami (City who he lived before of the publishing).
In the year after he dedicates himself to compose the album "Materia" that will be the
definely launch of his sound, in this album he will feature with some artists like Rob
Bradley and varius musicians. "Materia" Album will launch his artistic profile and his career
that will give him new opportunities and collaborations, in the next years will publish two
singles, Dr.One Wants To Escape that resume his Milan experience and collaboration with
Kernel Studio and New Order, this last one will be published without any label. It is a mix of
speaking's presidents during the COVID19 pandemia that makes a ''Unique'' mood. Pretty
Face (Daniele Ippolito Synth Mix) comes after, written and composed by Roberto
Turatti and Miki Chieregato for Styloo, the Synth Mix is an official new version targeted to
relaunch the artist, it came out with other 4 version, directed by the label K-Noiz and
distribuited in Vinyl in French and Holland thru Bordelloaparigi.
Style –
Daniele Ippolito compose songs of Ambient, Synthwave, New Age, Dark-wave, Progressive
and Soundtrack styles. His style has influences that goes from Italo-Disco to classic music and from SoundTracks to Dark-Wave. He already collaborated for some artists of Pop and Techno music. But his foundations will stay on the 80s revival, one of his phylosophy is to work with only vintage synthesizers
hardwares who will give to his songs and lives a warm and unique experience.