Dandy's Loft

Lurgan, County Armagh

"Forming roughly three years ago, Lurgan/Belfast group Dandy’s Loft have spent their formative years finding their sea legs and patiently writing and scrapping and re-writing music before finding a sound that they felt warranted release. This patience has proved to be massively beneficial to the four-piece as it has led to the release of a debut EP of four very accomplished tracks, the stylistic foundation of which lies on the likes Interpol and Radiohead as much as it does on that early 00’s glooming folk-rock sound.

Introspector‘s four tracks veer from the throbbing bass, plucked strings and vocal harmonies of ‘Begging Your Pardon’ to the psych-folk of ‘Bad Lime Juice’. Lyrically, the EP deals with ideas of discontent and self-doubt and the frustration of when others do your soul-searching for you. It’s a satisfying, precocious release that will leave you curious and eager to hear more from a group who have taken their time finding their feet. The hope is that they will now start to run."

Eoin Murray, The Thin Air

Chris - Lead vox/acoustic guitars/ukuleles
Colly - Guitars/synths/backing vox
Andy - Bass guitar/backing vox
Dave - Drums/tuned percussion

We (Colly & Andy) have been close friends with Dave (27), and significantly older brother Chris (31) since similar musical interests drew us together as teenagers. We have always enjoyed discovering, learning, playing and writing music together casually.

In 2013/14, we began meeting regularly (with no particular vision) to explore sounds and bounce around some old ideas and chord progressions. After quickly dismissing all the old ideas as terrible, we kind of developed a sound that resonated with us. Dandy’s Loft was born.

We wanted this EP to strike some sort of balance between conveying a low-spirited message whilst packing a
charged, energetic punch - like a rave on a sinking ship.

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